A Serene Church Wedding in Honolulu, HI: A Divine Union of Souls


Photography : @joycechoiphoto
Videography : @memocofilms
Coordinator : @anelaevents
HMUA : @studio About
Bridal Gown : @bellaweddingbridal , @rachelandrosebridal
Cake : @cakeM
Catering : @Kaleleeats @LimabyChefYamaguchi @KiraKochi
Entertainment : JasmineTauaMusic
Florals : @DBHemingway
Rentals : Aloha Artisan
Venues : Ceremony – St. Catalina Seaside Chapel
Reception – Kaimea Estates

In the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii, love found its roots within the hallowed walls of a cherished church. For this devoted couple, their journey began in the very place where their souls first intertwined, making a church wedding in Honolulu a profoundly meaningful choice. As the wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing the sacred essence of their union. The charming church, with its intricate stained-glass windows and ornate wooden pews, set the stage for a ceremony brimming with spirituality and love. Surrounded by family and friends, the couple exchanged vows, their hearts harmonizing like a celestial melody. Amidst the tender glances and whispered promises, the couple’s love was embraced by the divine presence that resides within the sacred sanctuary. The church bells joyously rang out as the newlyweds sealed their commitment with a heartfelt kiss, embarking on a journey of eternal love and togetherness. This church wedding in Honolulu was a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of starting a lifelong journey in the place where their hearts found solace and devotion.

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